Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide – Know The Differences

Acoustic guitars are the easiest to play and they don’t take much time learning either. Plus, I just love the fact that these guitars tend to have a rather neat and natural sound. You really can’t go wrong with acoustic guitars. Yes, they are not easy to begin with but

The Different Types of Guitars

Guitars are dime a dozen but the right kind can make all the difference. I remember by brother telling me this when I was but 7 years old. He was starting his band and often jammed in our garage where he also kept 3 to 4 different guitars. Though he

Expensive Electric Guitars And Add-ons

I remember the first time I held an electric guitar in my hands and it felt like nirvana. But then I noticed those knobs on it and I thought to myself, they look cool. And then I picked another up and this one had knobs plus an extra handle that