The 1966 Live Recordings, Bob Dylan

A box of 36 discs that tracks a single year of majestic performance from the maestro himself, Bob Dylan, it even records the live audience and their reaction to his on-stage presence. This box set is exclusively for the 1966 world tour. The box set manages to grasp listeners from the

The Early Years 65 to 72, Pink Floyd

A massive box set capturing the very best of British rock legend, starting from year 1965 all the way up to 1972. It even includes their psychedelic tracks and experimental songs. Segments from TV shows and radio programs that had Pink Floyd jamming in the background or as the main attraction

You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen

Just out is the 14th studio album by Leonard Cohen and we decided that it was too important to pass up without a review. So, what’s this album like? Does it come close to the last fourteen? Remember his first studio recordings? How he perfectly captured sunsets, pleas of an older