Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

“Satan, sprit och våld” – Unleashed now!

So, here it is – the latest Torture Division offering in the shape of “Satan, sprit och våld”. 3 tracks of the finest fucken death metal you’ll ever find, mixed and mastered by our lifetime endorser Dan Swanö at Unisound. We can never thank this hero enough for supporting us and getting us such a great fucken sound time and time again. Now to some serious business – you know we will always give you our music for free. That’s our agenda and all. BUT, if you like what you hear (which you do or you are absolutely retarded), show us some gratitude by donating a dollar or 5 to our PayPal. That’s not asking too fucken much, now is it? Thing is, we use any eventual cash we get in donations for further recordings and merch and whatnot. You don’t have to donate, of course not, but we’d appreciate it coz it helps us big time in keeping this band alive. And hey, buy a shirt while you’re at it. That way you’ll be the coolest kid in church on Sunday when you sport it in front of your pedophile minister. You don’t like shirts? Then buy a goddamn CD from us. Them bastards are downright excellent, you know.

Anyways, enjoy this fantastic slab of utter death and come over to our forums and share your opinions on this masterpiece. Hopefully we’ll be faster with the next effort, but sometimes shit happens and it’s not like we do anything according to anyone’s rules but our own. So, put on the bulletproof vest you got hidden in your closet, coz “Satan, sprit och våld” is lethal.

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