Expensive Electric Guitars And Add-ons

I remember the first time I held an electric guitar in my hands and it felt like nirvana. But then I noticed those knobs on it and I thought to myself, they look cool. And then I picked another up and this one had knobs plus an extra handle that I later learnt was a whammy bar. Now, I love acoustic guitars but electric has a lot of things that you can do to influence the sound they produce and this is why they are my absolute favorite. Personally speaking, I love my electric guitars to have all the features so knobs and whammy bars are an absolute must.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what the two new additions are, read on and find out. They are there to help produce sound the way you want.

Control Knobs

Have a specific tune in mind, decided on the notes too? If your electric guitar has control knobs then you can match what you imagine with the sound that comes from your fingers. These knobs control several aspects of the guitar. Some guitars may only have tone and volume controls others may even have more intricate controls. At times you may want to use multiple pick-ups or may not want any. These features are all controlled using guitar control knobs. While this makes playing such a guitar difficult, the good thing is that once you master the knobs and get used to the sound they produce, you really can play any kind of track or genre of music you want.

Whammy Bars

Whammy Bars are quite common among electric guitars and they help a player shift and manipulate note sounds without losing finger placements. To some folks, the whammy bar produces crying sounds but to me it is an entirely extra gimmick that works well when you use it sparingly. These whammy bars are not usually seen on all electric guitars but mostly present on expensive units. The way whammy bars work can often force strings to fall out of tune if the construction is not top notch.

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