Drums, Guitars and Keyboards – The Struggle To Start With Each

If you have never before played an instrument, then this is the article to read. Before blindly deciding on an instrument to learn, would it not be wise to understand the dedication required for each category? That’s exactly what I hope to convey through this essay. But before I proceed, I have a confession to make – I am not absolute expert in song sheets and multiple instruments. While I dabble in the three major kinds of instruments, I don’t excel in any. However, because I learnt how to play each instrument on my own, I can give you a bird’s eye view of what it takes to become a successful instrument player.


Let’s begin with the most elegant of all instruments – pianos and keyboards. Pianos are those expensive large units that produce marvelous sounds when done right. They are also those musical instruments that sound horrendous in the hands of an ignorant individual. Making music on a piano takes years of practice and dedication. If you have a lot of time on hand and the patience to learn something over months of steady practice, then and only then should you choose the piano. Children who begin early at the age of 4 sometimes don’t become prolific until they reach their late teens!


I just love guitars. They are so easy to play once you have the knack for playing them. To me acoustic guitars are the easiest pieces of musical instruments to learn. You can basically learn how to play a guitar by just listening to music and trying to slowly replicate each note. Unfortunately, the sheer number of guitars and the variation in their design, string count and construction can make mastering this genre of musical instruments an absolute nightmare. Just because you are prolific with an acoustic guitar does not mean you will naturally be good with electric and vice versa.


The one piece of musical instrument that you can learn anytime and quickly become a master at. While I don’t prefer drums, to me it is the easiest of all instruments to master. Yes, the start is hard but so is it with pianos and guitars. The good news though is that once your hand and feet coordination is in sync and you are able to move each independent of the other, you can basically copy any rhythm you wish. This is why modern day music teachers tend to teach drums and percussion instruments first. However, just because you can play drums does not mean you can play all kinds of percussion instruments.

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