There’s a war coming and you have to take sides. Those in the middle will be compelled to take sides because soon there will be no middle ground. Either you are in favor of internet freedom and the right to download whatever you feel like or you uphold rights of artists and vocalists. Fact remains that artists spend a lot of money and time compiling their works of art. If you do not pay for their efforts, why would they continue to work?

We at Torture Division believe in the work of all artists and it is because of this reason that we do not provide demos or trials for any artist. If you wish to hear their demo tracks you can find them on YouTube but please remember to be responsible and download only the demos. Pay for their albums if you like them. Hardly any underground artist has the popularity to survive without getting paid for their single album sales. It is only through our efforts can the underground music scene take off.

In light of the recent developments with respect to author rights online and rights of artists, we have the following to say.

  • Yes, all artists deserve getting paid for their works. No one individual should suffer because their work is being downloaded online but not paid for.
  • Artists should receive their cut or share on all sales, be it online or otherwise.
  • Demos and samplers are the prerogative of the websites showcasing the artists and not the responsibility of the artists.
  • People engaged in downloading content illegally without giving fair remuneration or usage rights should be slapped with penalties when caught.
  • Dispersion of information on the internet should continue to be free but dispersion of copyright or DMCA content should not be allowed without prior consent of the artists and production studio involved.

We are working with many organisations to ensure that music can be downloaded legally – both for free and for nominal fees. Some of the organisations we have received support from include: ZozangaNovii99UPublic Storage Canada and Snoop Dogg.