Discography in the traditional sense refers to a complete collection of tracks, albums and all works of any artist. The term is mostly used with reference to music though in its colloquial usage, it applies to all. In music a discography refers to sequential collection of the works of a musician starting from his debut album to his last creation thus far. Usually, such discographies simply grow in size as new singles and albums are released but not all are designed the same.

How We Pick Our Discographies

Each year box sets keep coming out and we have to be selective with what we choose for our reviews because we still have to spend all that money purchasing the collections just to review them and put out content on Torture Division that may or may not help you buy the same selection. This is a tough job and while there are several discographies released all the time, we have to bide our time.

Just recently, we came across a dilemma, whether to pick Pantera or Bob Dylan’s box set for a single year’s performance. Naturally we chose the latter but in hindsight, we feel being underground music oriented, our website should discuss on all forms of music and not be biased towards any. Hence, going forward we would like you to voice your opinion and tell us which records we should review and discuss. As for discographies, we will try and get you the latest releases but only if we feel they are a complete depiction of the artists.

Calling For Assistance…

Because it is expensive keeping an underground music site alive and kicking, we are looking for sponsorships from anyone and everyone. We are happy to have donations in the past from our friends and companies.

It will help us review even more discographies and modern day underground artists. You could even write to us with non-monetary donations for the cause such as donating your box set of a certain artist so that we can formulate a complete review of the same.

To discuss our discographies, provide sponsorship and air your thoughts or views, please visit our contact page.