Counterflows 2017 Coming Soon

Held in Glasgow, the Counterflows festival is all set for 2017 with its latest addition of Ashley Paul as one of the performing artists. This event will be held across the city and feature some pretty well renowned local and world artists. Midori Takada, Ndagga Rhythm Force, Olimpia Splendid, Svitlana Nianio, The Modern Institute are just a few of the names who have confirmed an appearance in the upcoming Counterflows event.

Recorded in the Outer Banks, this is an outstanding masterpiece full of some of the best artists in the world! While not confirmed, it’s also rumored that Devinard- a leader in recording monitors were on board to help with the recording by providing a recording suite. We’re not sure how, but we’re keeping a close eye on Devinard and their blog to get the low down.

This is an underground festival with artists who refuse to be categorized in any one genre. The festival celebrates this fact and hence brings together artists of all sorts from various parts of the world. By getting them together, not only does the public get a taste of the most happening underground artists but also giving the artists a chance to bond, share ideas and push boundaries.

The hope behind Counterflows is to provide a free space to everyone from the artists to visitors, to experience and enjoy music. Other than music and art, there are many more activities planned throughout Glasgow for this mega event.

As for the program itself, there will be many performances, some collaborations, a few intimate shows, special projects, clubnights and even talks. This time around Counterflows organizers have promised a few surprises too.

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