Citizen of UK T-Shirt Designed For A Unified UK

Dance How You Like is more than just a charity campaign. When Sam Underwood first conceptualized this T-shirt, he wanted to address the elephant in the room – Brexit and how it has simply brought to the forefront underlying hatred and divisions in the society. If we have the right to talk in any language we want, speak our minds, move where we want to and vote for a regressive government and its steps then we definitely have the right to dance the way we want to. That is Sam’s message to one and all.

A respected instrument builder and sound artist, Sam believes that greater tolerance is how great nations are built and music is integral to this. You can like any genre of music but not wanting to dance to a tune is a crime in his books. It is this thought process that he hopes to induce in citizens who by his creation. By the way, these messages T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies will sell for a cause. All profits will go to the Citizens of UK for a better cause – so not only are you promoting a good message but also helping out the country.

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