Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide – Know The Differences

Acoustic guitars are the easiest to play and they don’t take much time learning either. Plus, I just love the fact that these guitars tend to have a rather neat and natural sound. You really can’t go wrong with acoustic guitars. Yes, they are not easy to begin with but they are definitely easier than electric guitars.

Deciding on the kind of acoustic guitar comes down to the music you wish to make and how experimental you are by nature. Remember, almost all of us begin learning with a classical guitar but the sound signature of this popular instrument is way different as opposed to some other variations available.

The Classic Version

Classical guitars are ideal choices for beginners and even pros tend to revert back to them for composing their music. One key feature of the classic design is the abundant usage of wood and strings that are made from nylon. It is because of the way these two components interact that you get a crisp and yet earthy resonating sound from the hollow opening. Playing this guitar in the sitting position feels most relaxed and inviting.

The Flamenco

A flamenco guitar is not that different from a classic but it produces a different sound signature that is crisper and thinner. Naturally being more precise in the sound signature, such guitars require a little more control over the strings.

Steel Top

As the name suggests such guitars are made with steel packed into the body. Not that there is no wood in its construction but steel is used in places to provide it more body and thus add to its durability. The sound quality of such a guitar is warmer and nice too. To me these guitars are slightly easier to master than the conventional acoustic guitars and besides for beginners the added durability is a must have.


Again, the name says it all. A conventional guitar has 6 strings but a 12-string will have additional 6 strings displaced in-between the original six. These help reach a slight higher octave than the previous string and naturally the sound produced from them is more intricate. Using a 12-string, it is quite possible to mimic the use of two guitars.


Resonator kind of guitars may seem similar to a steel-top but the steel used to make these guitars play an integral role in the sound produced. Because of the use of steel, these guitars are more resonating or rather the spend more time within the confines of the guitar thus producing a deeper and emotional sound. Resonator type of guitars are further subdivided into their own styles such as squares and rounds.


Probably the most expensive among acoustic guitars, archtop models sell anywhere from $25,000 and more. Jazz players love this guitar because of the deep tones and they are easy to spot thanks to their trademark f-hole design.

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