007 Compositions That Made It Big And Left A Mark

James Bond stirs up memories in me like no other movie franchise ever. The charismatic onscreen presence of my childhood hero, his swooning words and his stirred not shaken martini with a single olive give me goosebumps even now as I compose this list. Now, you have to understand that for me the bond movies are like religion and I have my favorites but I will never rate them in sequence from start to finish and therefore, this list of the best bond songs ever is only ten items long as all those that did not make the list, simply fall in at the eleventh position. I repeat, to me no bond movie or music was ever drab, dull or appalling. And let’s not forget the damsels shall we!

Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever

A voice that is just mesmerizing and sultry, Shirley Bassey does an excellent job with the title track for “Diamonds Are Forever”, titled the same as the movie. She croons across the screen as Bond is engaged in love scenes and a few fight sequences too. In fact, the song seems perfectly designed to the specifications of a Bond movie with love, passion, danger and adventure all visible.

Nancy Sinatra Sings You Only Live Twice

Used as the title song to the movie, “You Only Live Twice”, Nancy performs a light pop-orchestral style that reached the top 50 billboards in the year of its release. This song has been remade twice by Bjork and Coldplay over the years.

Rita Coolidge Sings All Time High

An excellent rendition by Rita Coolidge as she gives the theme to Roger Moore’s penultimate movie in the Bond franchise.

Tom Jones Thunderball

The year was 1966 and Tom Jones female fans went crazy soon after the latest Bond flick. Tom does an impressive job with the theme song and in fact continues to be the most successful among all male artists to grace the Bond movies in the charts.

Madonna Die Another Day

Reaching the top ten charts in 2003 upon release, Madonna and her auto-tune gives a catchy pop number to the Bond series. It is a pity though the movie was anything but bland as opposed to many previous Bond creations.

Shirley Bassey Sings Goldfinger

Bassey actually did the theme for Goldfinger first, which catapulted her to instant fame and soon landed her a second gig for Diamonds Are Forever bond flick.

Sheena Easton For Your Eyes Only

Probably the most unique of all Bong songs, Sheena Easton actually delivers a tender and heartfelt ballad rather than a catchy title song. No wonder it reached the heights that it did in 1981.

Paul McCartney & Wings Sing Live And Let Die

A Bond song sung by Beatles, what’s there not to like? Probably the most famous of all Bond songs, Live and Let Die made it to the second position in charts worldwide. The moment it released in 1973, the public lapped it up.

Carly Simon Breaks Boundaries With Nobody Does It Better

Roger Moore, Bond movies and Carly Simon singing Nobody Does It Better – those were the good old Bond days. The combination of Simon with power ballad composer Marvin Hamlisch made for an impressive performance that left the audience demanding for more.

Duran Duran Chartbuster, A View To A Kill

When you have Duran Duran giving your movie a title song, it is bound to gather heavy reception and when that movie just happens to be another Bond flick, you know the song is reaching heights. As it happened this song by Duran Duran actually took the top spot in 1985.

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