Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Completing the next trilogy shortly…

TDBass is put down again after it mysteriously vanished some time ago, so now there’s only vocals left to be done before we can ship this last part of our latest trilogy to Swanö at www.unisound.se for the mix. J will try to get to the studio as soon as possible and wrap this up.

We’ll keep you in the loop as we go along.

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

What up?

Army of 3Huge thanx to Ola and Metal Club, F.K.U and crew with an honorable mention to Macke for all the help, and last off a massive cheers to the crowd. We had a blast on stage last weekend. See ya somewhere else soon. And in other news, Jörgen has some choice words for you:

“Hmmm… Someone with a long beard in the band accidently erased all the basstracks for the last demo so someone with a much shorter beard have to try to learn the songs again and record them on thursday. But it means we are in the roll of finishing up the last three songs of this trilogy… Working titles are: Nine, Eleven and Twelve.”

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

You better show up, or else…


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Monday, March 10th, 2014

Thank you to everyone at the Close-Up Boat!

Boat CarnageWe had a blast, and so did you. Over at our Facebook you can find a bunch of photos from the gig, so go there now. We also have to reveal that the remaining merch that we have in stock (which is not too much) will be kept for the upcoming gig in Karlstad, Sweden, in 2 weeks. After that we’ll print some new gear so keep an eye out for that. And yes, we’re finally about to complete the third and last demo in this new trilogy. We’ll keep you informed on everything, as always.

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Monday, February 17th, 2014

Hi! We play death metal!

TDYeah, you already knew that, but fuck it. You always need a title for an update, goddamnit. We just want to inform you that we are currently rehearsing for a couple of gigs coming up in March and this weekend we will have a gathering in the rehearsal room to try out some of the new material we will premiere on these gigs. There is a chance we’ll try to keep you guys updated over at our Facebook page on how things are moving along in between having tons of beers and playing the world’s best death fucken metal. Hell ya!

We also have a new demo coming asap. The last part in this latest trilogy. We actually had all the bass put down at one point, leaving us with only vocals to do before handing it over to Swanö for the mix. But  hey – someone mysteriously managed to delete those bass files, so we’ll have to have J re-play them at some point. Shit happens. We’ll see when we manage to get all this crap down coz fuck knows you deserve some new music from us.

The camo shirts you ordered are being packed to be sent out this week as well if all goes according to plan. We just noticed we are running low on merch so we have to deal with that as well, it seems like. It would be nice to have a new design, but none of us can fucken do that shit as well as we’d wish, so… Someone – hand us a design, muthafucker! For free! And it needs to be awesome too, you know. Ok, we might pay you even if your shit is excellent. But we prefer not to. Deal? Holler at us at torturdivision@gmail.com and send us some samples of your stuff.

That’s it for now.

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