Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Our Christmas gift to you!

Merry Christmas.


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Friday, June 27th, 2014

“The Reaping” is released!

The ReapingIt’s time for The Reaping!

You have waited patiently (like you had any choice, but hey…) and now it’s time to wrap up this latest trilogy. Once again we have teamed up with the mighty Dan Swanö and his Unisound facility to make sure we’ll sound as awesome as always. Dan’s been endorsing us, helping us shape our sound picture pretty much since day one, and we’re eternally thankful for it. This one’s for you, buddy!

So, you audiophiles have a FLAC version available, but don’t give us any credit for that – it’s all Dan’s doing. Applaud him, donate money to him, buy him beer. Do something. The rest of you have an excellent sounding mp3 version available. And yes, there’s a cover and booklet included in both versions. We think.

Enjoy another death metal masterpiece.

This is the end… THIS IS THE REAPING!

Download links to be found here (like the goddamn page while you’re at it, will ya?): CLICK ME!!!

Let us know exactly how awesome you think this demo is when you have listened.


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Monday, March 10th, 2014

Thank you to everyone at the Close-Up Boat!

Boat CarnageWe had a blast, and so did you. Over at our Facebook you can find a bunch of photos from the gig, so go there now. We also have to reveal that the remaining merch that we have in stock (which is not too much) will be kept for the upcoming gig in Karlstad, Sweden, in 2 weeks. After that we’ll print some new gear so keep an eye out for that. And yes, we’re finally about to complete the third and last demo in this new trilogy. We’ll keep you informed on everything, as always.

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Monday, February 17th, 2014

Hi! We play death metal!

TDYeah, you already knew that, but fuck it. You always need a title for an update, goddamnit. We just want to inform you that we are currently rehearsing for a couple of gigs coming up in March and this weekend we will have a gathering in the rehearsal room to try out some of the new material we will premiere on these gigs. There is a chance we’ll try to keep you guys updated over at our Facebook page on how things are moving along in between having tons of beers and playing the world’s best death fucken metal. Hell ya!

We also have a new demo coming asap. The last part in this latest trilogy. We actually had all the bass put down at one point, leaving us with only vocals to do before handing it over to Swanö for the mix. But  hey – someone mysteriously managed to delete those bass files, so we’ll have to have J re-play them at some point. Shit happens. We’ll see when we manage to get all this crap down coz fuck knows you deserve some new music from us.

The camo shirts you ordered are being packed to be sent out this week as well if all goes according to plan. We just noticed we are running low on merch so we have to deal with that as well, it seems like. It would be nice to have a new design, but none of us can fucken do that shit as well as we’d wish, so… Someone – hand us a design, muthafucker! For free! And it needs to be awesome too, you know. Ok, we might pay you even if your shit is excellent. But we prefer not to. Deal? Holler at us at and send us some samples of your stuff.

That’s it for now.

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Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Bah-bah 2013!

TD in Helsinki2013 is coming to an end. As soon as possible in 2014 you will be getting the last part of this new trilogy, and we’re also waiting for news about when the goddamn split vinyl thing with Asphyx (on Century Media) will surface. It’ll be worth the wait though, all of it, so hang in there. Our plans for 2014 are the same as every year. We’ll record the world’s best death metal for ya, give it to you for free and then print some ugly fucken shirts and CD’s that you all will buy becoz you love what we do so much. It’s worked great for us up to this point so why change a winning concept, huh? Hopefully we’ll also do a few more gigs than we did in 2013, but that remains to be seen. We just take the shows we find appealing and nothing else. This band is hardly what we live off, it’s just made out of pure love for death metal, you know.

One of the finest bands in the existence of death metal just called it quits with their farewell show this past weekend – VOMITORY.

Give it up for them!

We have Vomitory-drummer/blaster master Tobben in Torture Division , which you kinda already knew, so fear not – you’ll get plenty of his blasts in the future as well, even if it’s not with Vomitory. Those guys will always be a huge inspiration for Torture Division, and we’ll do just like them when we call it quits in some 20 years – we’ll do it when we’re at the top.

So, see ya in 2014.

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